The Gold Coast has some of the most spectacular rainforests, beaches and views in the world.

However, living close to the beach comes with some negatives, especially for our buildings. Although seemingly insignificant, it’s a big deal if your windows and doors have deteriorated to the point that they no longer meet the current Australian Standards.

Occasionally we can see the obvious signs of deterioration, such as framework corrosion, window frame rust, perished rubbers/seals, stubborn winders and rusty handles. Left in this state, corrosion to framework can sometimes lead to windows and doors falling from the building. The old fixings quite often rust away in a high-rise situation, becoming very dangerous.

This also applies to deteriorated seals and gaskets that can allow water ingress to your unit; this cannot be overlooked or ignored as it can lead to more serious problems, including; severe water damage, a build-up of mould inside the unit as well as rust/damaged to your furniture and appliances.

According to the Building Code of Australia, all windows and doors are required to meet the minimum mandatory specifications set out by Australian Standards AS2047 and AS1288.

Did you know that damaged or deteriorated window fittings/frames can affect your energy costs and significantly reduce the noise levels to your unit?

Here are some signs that your windows might need replacing;
• Condensation on the inside of the window
• Corrosion of the framework
• Drafts and wind coming from a closed window
• Water leaking around the frame and coming inside
• Deteriorated seals that are peeling off
• Rusted and difficult to move winders
• Blistering paint and mould on the inside of the window frame

Corrosion of window frames and doors can allow water and salt particles to leak into the building. Once a small gap has corroded, and a passage has formed, the salty air causes internal appliances and other framing to rust. Something as small as a patch of rust on a window frame, which could have easily been replaced earlier, has now caused much more damage inside the building.

The iconic Chateau Beachside Resort was built in 1972 on the Gold Coast. Over time the window fittings and frames on the exterior of the building had deteriorated, much like many of the buildings along the Gold Coast’s glitter strip today. BRS was contracted to check and rectify all the windows on the exterior of the building, looking at making them compliant with current Australian Standards and structurally safe. As an added plus, the update to the exterior also improved its visual appeal and had made it look as good as it did when it was first built.

BRS, Building Rectification Services work closely with major suppliers who are based here in Queensland, such as G.James Glass and Aluminium. We frequently work with G.James Glass and Aluminium because their products have a much higher water and wind resistance ratings compared to many of the other products available in the industry.

We use the least invasive and safest window, and door replacement methods, which means that fixing a rusty window frame or installing a new doorframe has never been easier.

We often repair and replace windows in conjunction with other renovations. Our staff are highly trained and are some of the most experienced in the industry. We can ensure that with Building Rectification Services, all our products and the installation of the products are of the highest quality and fully compliant with Australian Standards.

For more information on how BRS Building Rectification Services can help you with Window Replacement or any other services, please call BRS Building Rectification Services (07) 5539 3588 or email admin@buildingrectification.com.au