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BRS has many years of experience in structural and cosmetic Concrete Repairs, giving them the ability to refine the best suitable concrete method for each individual project.

Building Rectification Services will restore your concrete spalling and cracking issues before they get any worse or cause safety issues. Fixing concrete cancer or Alkali-Silica Reaction as it is sometimes referred to, is caused by the corrosion of steel in concrete. Structural building repairs on the Gold Coast are quite technical due to the corrosive salt environment. It is not a matter of simply covering the exposed reinforcement.

Basement car park repairs and Concrete Cancer Repairs on the Gold Coast are particularly difficult due to our salty, sandy environment. Many basement carparks mask underlying issues, and over time problems reoccur, but at a more advanced level. We offer local knowledge, quality workmanship, value for money, and expert customer service. Our processes are streamlined, Quality Assured, and comply with Australia Standards. Building Rectification Services is your trusted partner when it comes to commercial concrete repair on the Gold Coast.

Concrete Repair
Concrete Cancer Repairs

Underlying problems in a concrete structure are not always obvious, however, cracking, honeycombing and spalling, are relatively easy to spot.

The real concern is the underlying cause of the problem, and these issues can include:

  • Inadequate waterproofing and protection of the concrete surfaces.
  • Incorrect concrete design.
  • Poor or inadequate steel design.
  • Incorrect concrete curing.
  • Cracking and deflection of the concrete structure.