Aegean Indoor Pool Refurbishment

“Something that is minimalistic, simply beautiful, and won’t date” is what the client requested when the initial design concepts were considered with the refurbishment of the Indoor Pool Area at Aegean Apartments in Surfers Paradise Gold Coast, and at BRS we aim to deliver quality finishes exceeding all expectations.

There were also other criteria’s that where to be met. Maintaining the existing Greek theme of the building and not straying too far from the building’s vernacular.

Aegean Pool Refurbishment

Completing this and transforming this area from its original, as build state, to something simply beautiful would require its bare skeleton to be exposed and a fresh start would begin. This vision was put to life through early communication between the buildings committee members and their designers, whom could then create the concept and proposed Scope of Works provided by BRS which could then be passed onto the buildings engaged Project Manager ‘Integrity Project Management’ for fine-tuning and then the tender process could begin which BRS was fortunate to be accepted for.

With the tender process complete and site requirements established, demolition was underway. With manpower inflated to minimize the duration of the noisy work, the area of works was gutted and stripped back to its bare substrate. Wall and floor tiles to the amenities and pool surround removed, Waterline mosaics and a rendered substrate disposed of these areas could now be mechanically ground back in preparation for the application of Waterproofing Membrane Systems. To open the basement entrance to the building and allow access with ease and provide a stunning first impression of Aegean to owners and holidaymakers, the difficult task of redirecting the basements ventilation ducting system commenced. With removing the existing ducting, which was later established within a location nearby, this allowed the masonry wall to be saw cut, creating a larger entrance where luggage could easily be carried to the nearby lifts through an automatic glass sliding door.

In preparation for the suspended ceiling which would later be installed, it was imperative all concrete spalling to the area was identified and rectified. This would require a low-level scaffold to be set up over the emptied pool to inspect the entire concrete ceiling for any drummy and delaminated sections caused by the corroded reinforcing steel. Over time and with the surrounding salt environment, and the indoor air high in chloride, this led to numerous pockets needing full excavating to expose all corroded reinforcing bar sections back to sound steel. This then would enable mechanical grinding to take place to remove all corrosion and expose bare steel. Steel is then coated using a Zinc rich treatment to prevent the reoccurrence of further corrosion, followed by a Mapei Repair Mortar fill blended with Hydraulic binders and synthetic fibres enabling the product to become high in compressive and flexural strength. With a final coat of Two-Part Epoxy Moisture Barrier to prevent water absorption, the surface was then ready for paint coatings.

With the wall and floor substrates exposed, indoor area concrete ceiling prepared, and all redundant services decommissioned, the installation of Architecturally selected finishes could then begin.

Pool Surrounds Tiling

For the pool surrounds tiling this would firstly require the application of an Ardex Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane System be applied over a Two-Part Epoxy Primer, followed by a Sand and Cement Bedding Screed laid with falls to the existing drainage, the tiling could then proceed. Using one full system supplied by one manufacturer, from waterproofing substrate through to adhesives and grout assure materials are compatible and interact as they should throughout the installation process. Silver Travertine finish on a porcelain tile was the approved selection, and with a non-slip rating to suit a commercial pool area, this would meet the Greek-Roman theme requested. With bright blue pool mosaics to the waterline and shallow wading area, along with pearl white mosaic columns, this would mirror any Mediterranean day spa. These glass mosaics are also found within the dual shower recesses, delineating these areas, and creating a focal point as you walk in the room. Textured tiles were used on the square columns, backing to feature arches in the seating area and in the amenities to separate the washbasin area from the remainder of the shower and toilet.

With the use of an Aluminium Batten System laminated in Spotted Gum to consist with the featured timber previously used throughout the building reception foyer, another dimensional effect was created to the feature walls and ceilings. Bringing to the building a finish which is unique and simply stunning, drawing the attention of all who enter through the basement into the indoor pool area and in highlighted with the impressive Aegean backlight signs. This laminated Aluminum timber batten theme was also incorporated into the area by installing it on

Laminated Aluminum Timber Batten Theme

the Indoor pool areas entrance gates, indoor seating, and selected columns. Within the harsh chemical and humid environment where clean airflow is restricted, these Aluminium battens were the perfect selection to endure these conditions for the future years and at the same time establish a finish which would meet the client expectations and transform dull surfaces into a finish which would create awe. Stepping out from the lifts into the foyer area, the existing suspended panel ceiling was replaced with a dropped coffer ceiling section allowing recessed LED strip lighting to be installed to the perimeter.

To meet the concept demands and approved designs, a wall finish which could give the effect of a natural two-tone render that could withstand the humid environment containing harsh pool chemicals would see the application of a Cerano Render in a two-tone white finish. With a second coat a shade lighter than the base coat, and finished using a steel trowel, these imperfections would create the desired effect to meet the client’s expectation. Sealing this with a clear polyurethane coating to prevent damage from high traffic, the walls would then complement the surrounds and keep in line with Greek Mediterranean theme.

Led Strip Lighting

As the works were carried out below the buildings podium level, the potential risk of damage from water entering from the large planter boxes above was high, therefore it was in the buildings best interest to have these planters waterproofing membrane system replaced entirely, eliminating any possible water ingress damage which may occur. Undertaking this task would require all landscaping and soil to be removed and the membrane system would be exposed. The use of an excavator would see this removed with ease with good soil retained onsite to be used later and contaminated soil disposed of. Mechanical grinding to the substrate to remove all existing liquid membrane coatings exposes the bare concrete beneath would highlight areas that would previously allow stormwater to enter habitable areas below and allow for necessary repairs to be carried out. Providing a 20-year warranty on planter box waterproofing could only be achieved by using a sheet waterproofing membrane system supplied by Ardex. Ardex Root Repel, a sheet membrane containing root inhibitor to repel root growth is a product suitable for the application to landscaped planters which may be susceptible to root growth damage. Adhered to the primed substrate and heat welded at junctions and seams, this can only be installed by trained and certified applicators, capabilities found within BRS’s in-house waterproofing team. Complete with Drainage Cell panels to assist with Stormwater drainage, refilling with soil, irrigation services installed, and new landscaping to suit the location, rectification of the planters came to an end.

Bringing the project together during the final stages, fitting off plumbing into the amenities, wiring and installation of the electrical services including some elegant pendant lighting, new fibreglass coating to the pool’s internal linings, it is the attention to the fine details that make BRS proud to be a part of such a drastic transformation and hand a project over for completion. From professional Painters to Waterproofers, Concrete Repair specialist to Project Management, BRS have the capability to deliver on a diverse range of projects to suit your specific building and its requirements.

Thank you to all involved to get this project over the line

  • Integrity Project Management, Paul Dolbel & Paul Leighton
  • AM Designer Projects


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