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Building Rectification Services (BRS) is a reputable company with extensive experience in both structural and cosmetic Concrete Cancer Repairs for big buildings and commercial structures on the Gold Coast. They have the expertise to determine the most appropriate concrete repair method for each unique project.

At BRS, they understand the importance of addressing concrete spalling and cracking issues in a timely manner to prevent them from escalating and posing safety risks. Concrete cancer, also known as Alkali-Silica Reaction, is caused by the corrosion of steel in concrete, which can be accelerated by the corrosive salt environment prevalent on the Gold Coast. Simply covering the exposed reinforcement is not sufficient to fix the problem.

Concrete cancer repairs in basement carparks on the Gold Coast can be particularly challenging due to the sandy, salty environment. These repairs require local knowledge, quality workmanship, and expert customer service to ensure lasting results. BRS offers streamlined processes that comply with Australian Standards, and they are committed to providing value for money to their clients. If you need commercial concrete repair services on the Gold Coast, Building Rectification Services is the trusted partner you can rely on.

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Concrete Cancer Repairs

When tackling concrete cancer, the presence of visible damage like cracks, honeycombing, and spalling signals deeper issues threatening the concrete’s structural integrity. These problems might stem from inadequate concrete waterproofing, subpar concrete or steel design, improper concrete curing, or the concrete structure’s cracking and deflection.

The key to preventing concrete cancer from worsening and becoming a safety risk is to identify and remedy the root causes. This requires the expertise of seasoned professionals skilled in devising a thorough repair strategy aimed directly at the core of the problem.

Effective concrete cancer repair methods generally include extracting and renewing the compromised concrete and steel reinforcement, installing waterproof barriers, and applying continuous maintenance and surveillance plans. By addressing the foundational issues, it’s feasible to reinstate the concrete’s structural soundness and avert further deterioration, securing the building’s safety and durability.