Concrete Cancer Repair

Concrete cancer repairs or spalling concrete as it’s sometimes referred to as caused by the corrosion of steel in concrete. We are experienced in structural and cosmetic repair and we will show you through this page everything about concrete cancer and concrete cancer repair.

What you will read:

How does concrete cancer occur?

Three key ingredients cause concrete cancer – Iron, Water and Oxygen, and the process starts when:

  • Moisture hits the internal steel iron, and combines with the carbon dioxide in the air, forming weak carbonic acid.
  • As this acid forms, it causes the iron to dissolve, allowing water to start breaking down its components – hydrogen and oxygen.
  • This then forms an oxygen and iron bond freeing electrons, creating what is commonly known as rust.

Hi-rise apartment buildings built back in the 1970s have been the hot topic of discussion, as the effects of concrete cancer are starting to show, some with disastrous outcomes.

We all remember the iconic Iluka building in Surfers Paradise. Back when Meter Maids were the hot topic on the tourist strip. The Iluka building was the first multi-storey apartment block to cast shadows along Surfers Paradise beach. After more than 40 years of standing proud, it was demolished in 2013 because of concrete cancer destroying the structural integrity of the building.

This was the same reason Brisbane’s City Hall was closed for two years over 2012 and 2013. The Brisbane City Council spent over $215 million to preserve the heritage listed dwelling.