A Job Well Done – Tank Towers

As the year comes to an end, BRS have a few projects that have stood out as being what many people would call “A Job Well Done”. One project in this category, which the team recently finished was Tank Towers.

Tank Towers is a 62 apartment, boutique style, multi-storey building in the heart of Brisbane CBD.

Like many Body Corporate Committees, maintaining Owner Investments is a big job, and BRS’s scope was to coordinate a plan to finish scheduled Facade Repair and Window Replacement upgrades within a 20-week time frame.

This project required BRS’s in-house project management team. They coordinated with Workplace Health & Safety, project engineers and on-site management, to make sure each aspect of the job could be carried out in a timely and safe manner, tasks like full window replacement via specialised equipment, facade wall surfaces waterproofing and glass block replacement.

The project wasn’t without some hurdles. Access was a big obstacle for the BRS team and getting equipment to the site through Brisbane City traffic and the maze of one-way streets needed a well thought out plan.

Secondly, communication with tenants was difficult as most of the building’s residents were overseas students with limited English. This issue being overcome by help from building management; BRS coordinated with the Tank Towers team, who proceeded to translate and liaise with many of the residents, arranging access and keeping them up to date with the scheduled closures.

The outcome of this projects was a fantastic success, given the hurdles. BRS completing the Facade Repair and full Window Replacements in 14 weeks, six weeks earlier than planned and more importantly on budget.

Tank Towers