6 Signs That You Should Replace Your Windows And Doors

Did you know that by servicing your windows and doors regularly you can extend their life cycle?

Queensland is known for its temperamental weather, which can have a noticeable effect on the condition of your windows and doors, often resulting in decreased comfort within your living space, increased utility bills, and an overall lack of safety.

The main environmental causes of damage include salt from sea spray, temperature change and the erosive actions of wind and water, all of which represent a serious problem, which a significant number of buildings face. This is more prevalent in exposed locations, but can also affect buildings located 2-3 kilometres from the sea over a longer period.

Older buildings are more susceptible to these forms of corrosive, environmental factors due to building materials previously used in building works. Most Windows and doors only have a design life of 25-years and with the general age of gold coast buildings exceeding the 50-year mark, there is a need to make sure that buildings are checked for material fatigue regularly.

Damage to your building can occur in multiple forms, from corrosion of window and door framework to water ingress and rust, all of which contribute to moisture, wind, noise, even the loss of window and door sashes.

Window and Door Replacement

Where water and wind are getting in, it’s more than likely that energy leakage is also occurring. Energy leakage results in higher costs to keep the temperature within your building regulated.

Here are some of the signs your windows and doors need replacing:

  • Water ingress and a constant damp smell.
  • Air drafts coming through your windows when shut.
  • If it’s difficult to see through your windows due to built-up moisture creating a foggy appearance that cannot be wiped away.
  • Corrosion to frames, hinges or handles.
  • If you’re experiencing difficulties opening and closing your windows. Salt air and Moisture has a particularly detrimental effect on your windows and doors over time but can also cause damage to your rollers, winders, hinges, etc.
  • Old doors are susceptible to the same moisture issues we spoke of above and may no longer operate properly. This can mean your door is out-of-square, hard to shut and even unsafe. Functionality issues are particularly prominent in sliding doors, especially those with metal tracks, due to prolonged use and deterioration caused by harsh conditions.

The latter, functionality issues discussed above are particularly concerning because of the safety hazard they pose, specifically in larger apartment blocks.

If you notice any of the warning signs above it’s more than likely time to have your windows and doors evaluated.

Building Rectification Services offer an obligation free quote and can carry out window and door replacement jobs from step one of identifying the work scope and gaining necessary insurance, warranties and Health and Safety approvals, to finishing touches, including waterproofing and painting.