Boulevard North | Window and Door Replacement

Window and Door Replacement

BRS Building Rectification Services latest project Boulevard North is located within the seaside postcode of Broadbeach, on the Gold Coast.

The cosmopolitan ambience of Broadbeach is a major drawcard for holiday makers, with people often referring to the location as the ‘heart’ of the Gold Coast.

The upkeep of windows and doors is often hot topic within building management and body corporate meetings.

Seemingly insignificant to some, the combination of wind, rain and salt air makes the Gold Coast’s climate one of the harshest conditions for building maintenance and corrosion in Australia.

Studies have shown, if left unchecked, the effects of these elements can lead to the rapid deterioration of many external surfaces, most commonly windows and doors.

Currently undergoing a series of window and door replacements, BRS Building Rectification Services understands the requirements that working on Commercial and Holiday Letting Accommodation Buildings brings.

BRS Building Rectification Services project management team has worked with Boulevard North body corporate through a list of recommendations, which are not only backed by Workplace Health & Safety Legislation but allows Boulevard North the use of most of the resorts facility’s to remain open throughout most of the project.

The BRS project management team are working closely with Boulevard North body corporate, to make sure there are minimal disruptions to holiday makers and residents alike. As an example, BRS have installed the swing stage set up to the rear (western) façade wall, suspended from the roof area and with appropriate measures in place it has allowed the resorts pool and BBQ areas to remain open also allowing restricted hours access to the resorts tennis courts

All materials and equipment are loaded to the job via the external swing stage this method allows for minimal impact to the resorts facility’s and with our unique WH&S compliant external hoarding protection system it allows BRS to work within the confinements of each unit with minimal disturbance to residents and guests alike.