Felton Court – Stage 3 Concrete Repairs

BRS Building Rectification Services are going through the process of site establishment for stage three of the Felton Court Apartments, in Coolangatta, Gold Coast’s southernmost suburb.

Built in the 60’s and situated meters from the beach, Felton Court sits hilltop of the rocky outcrop that makes up the Surfside postcode of Point Danger, Greenmount and Kirra.

Reminiscent of old school iconic Coolangatta; Felton Court is currently undergoing stage three exterior repairs/renovations, with stage one finished in 2015 and stage two in 2016.

BRS scope of works for this part of the project, has been quite diverse. Our in-house project management team have been working alongside many industry partners to develop and complete a range of upgrades.

Project Scope of Works

Install fixed scaffolding to all areas of works, WPHS compliant

Concrete Repairs
> Smaller repairs to follow the Fosroc concrete repair and steel protection system.
> Larger repairs to be fully formed and poured/ pumped with 40MPa, 400 microstrain concrete. Special order
> Slab Edge beam unit 12, to include galvanised reinforcing steel and concrete to the design of the supervising engineer (SRB Consulting). Note the base of window and head of window below (unit 7 & 12) will be impacted internally by works for approx. 2-3 weeks


> Remove Unit 1 awning off site, not to be replaced
> Replace levels 1, 2 & 3 slab edge flashings


> Epoxy prime all bare concrete, including repaired surfaces
> Retexture all repaired surfaces
> Repaint all painted masonry, concrete and wooden surfaces (excludes balustrades)
> Clean up and make good


> Supply new Point of Application and install new 3 phase links and lines to Switchboard, fix and make good (paint conduit power feed to match building)
> Completely remove and dispose of old meter board
> Supply and install new meter board, 1 x 160A 40ka 3 pole main switch; 17 x C50A 10ka Circuit breakers; 17 x Meters isolation link
> Submit Energex work requests. Energex to Seal meters, and install overhead mains to POA. Energex hasn’t offered a cost, so this an estimate

Stage three of this project is set to finish at the end of April 2017, with the possibility for further stages to follow shortly after.

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