Podium Refurbishment Trends

Since 1985, BRS Building Rectification Services have successfully completed numerous podium deck refurbishments. These projects have all been for various reasons, however, more commonly issues due to water ingress.

Water ingress can cause a range of long-term problems such as structural cracking, slab subsidence, corrosion and spalling concrete if left unattended.

That said, other podium refurbishment projects have been carried out because resort owners or body corporate committees are simply looking at an update or facelift for their facilities, making them more user-friendly or to bring them in line with newer, modern trends.

In recent times, BRS have noticed a handful of projects needing the above combination; repair to current facilities and a physical upgrade to appearance, with many trending styles carrying over from one job to the next.

Below we have given you a small insight into podium refurbishment trends. Keeping in mind that most projects need a range of trades such as tiling, landscaping, construction, concreters, waterproofing and painters just to name a few.

Trending at many of the resorts and hotels we visit is the update of the waterproofing around pool areas. Given the fact that in many cases the pool is not on the ground floor the deterioration of old waterproofing has led to water ingress and is now causing a chain reaction of issues.

Podium Refurbishment Sunbird
Podium Refurbishment Trends Gold Coast
Podium Refurbishment Trends
Podium Refurbishment Gold Coast

Another trend is the upgrade of dated and old facilities.

Both require the removal of old fixtures such as concrete, paving, tiles or grass, etc. and are being replaced with newer versions, both in appearance, look and feel.

  • Neutral tonal colours like grey, cream or beige.
  • For the ground floor areas, we have seen an increasing trend in landscaping existing garden and grassed areas, incorporating functional seating and communal meeting points for building residents.

Whilst wanting to make these areas more user-friendly, safe and structurally sound, another aspect is privacy, with many projects requiring creative planning to incorporate private nooks within open areas. Trends here have seen projects incorporate:

  • Creative screening, where the use of natural materials adds to the overall look and feel, however functionally segregates smaller areas for semi-private use.
  • Materials that can create this effect are metal and timber panelling, plants in pots and glass.

The above can be quite important in the case that resorts may have private functions scheduled, however, still need to keep all areas open for other guests.

Building Rectification Services work closely with you to produce a quality, long lasting solution, with all BRS tradesmen, having extensive experience and skills in carrying out projected works within limited parameters, taking great pride in working alongside building management and guests to ensure each project runs smoothly and on schedule.

If you are looking for more information about how to start your podium refurbishment project, BRS offers a free quotation service and are happy to meet with body corporate committees and building owners to plan the best possible outcome for your project.

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