Roof Refurbishment

Roofing systems are often considered one of a building’s most vulnerable component, continuously facing the deteriorating effects of the surrounding climate.

In coastal regions of Queensland, these effects are intensified by increased UV radiation and the corrosive effects of high winds, salt and sand. These harsh elements can cause damage like cracking, splitting and blisters to roofing.

A building owner may not even be aware of the damage until inspections of the rooftop are carried out. So, although deterioration is unavoidable for those who’d like to continue to enjoy beach views, a Preventive Maintenance Program will maximise roof performance.

Building Rectification Services were recently appointed the rectification and recoating of roofing membrane at the Southport Central high-rise towers working alongside with the Integrity coatings project management team.

The Southport Central development is located at the corner of Scarborough and Lawson Streets in the Southport CBD and combines a mix of residential, retail and commercial properties.

Spanning three towers, and due to coastal location factors; the site is undergoing scheduled maintenance to ensure optimal structural integrity is sustained, making for a safe comfortable living and working environment.

BRS works closely with Body Corporate and Project management to ensure rectification is carried out at appropriate times and without any disruption to the day-to-day life of occupants.

The remediation process for this project included;

  • Pressure washing old membrane coatings; to ensure the substrate is clean and defect free.
  • Checking for damage and deterioration and remediating accordingly.
  • Grinding out any cracks, removing the failed membrane.
  • Epoxy priming and re-coating.